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Big Bang Alive Concert!

November 3rd, 2012 (11:25 pm)

WHOOO! I am back from the BIG BANG ALIVE CONCERT!!!

2 hour concert of nearly non-stop Big Bang music with an additional 45 min encore :D Concert started at a bit after 8pm and ended a little before 10:45pm, It was $230+ worth of money well spent. My seats were amazing. Even better than for SMTownLA’s which were already really good, not paying for VIP prices. Still side-eyeing the difficulty of purchasing tickets.
Onward to the concert! I have to admit, I’m not a Big Bang fan, but I’ve heard some of their songs before and know who they are in kpop to like them. I went with friends who were. But I enjoyed the concert. I’m glad I went. I enjoyed the concert-going experience. Plus the boys were really great with the fans, despite the language barrier.

TOP, why are you so adorkable?! TOP is such an awkward dancer. I love it. Let’s just say he is the complete opposite of Donghae when it comes to dancing xD

AND TOP YOU ARE SUCH A TEASE. A MASTER OF TEASE. LIKE MY BABY HAE. Seungri picked up candy (I think it was yang geng? could be wrong) that was thrown up by fans (btw, fans were throwing up plushies for the boys it was awesome - Seungri had a bunch of pandas thrown at him), gave it to TOP, who proceeded to unwrap the candy and take a bit out of it. TOP then proceeded to go to a side of the stage eating that candy in front of the fans, threw some into the crowd. TOP offered the last piece of candy to the fans, so fans stretched their hands out for it. He then popped it into his mouth. U TROLL!

There were a crap load of TOP signs in the crowd, a couple G Gragon signs sprinkled in, but mostly it was all TOP signs (some for his b-day). He definitely was the crowd favorite. So TOP went to sit at the end with the fans that were holding out the TOP signs. TOP then took a fan towel, wiped his face with it, and gave it back to the fan. Seriously, I can’t with this namja.

The boys sang Happy Brithday to TOP with the crowd. Wheeled out a cake for him. It was sweet. TOP did his infamous dork dance that epic and priceless. The man really can not dance. But he is adorkable.

Taeyang was a ball of energy. Especially during the encore. He sorta served as MC with his getto engrish. I don’t think he wanted to leave. He was constantly stripping and showing off his toned body. At the end of the encore, all four of the boys were either sleeveless or topless except TOP (of course) who was fully buttoned and clothed from head to toe.
G Dragon definitely looked ready to leave by the end of the encore, he looked pooped. Can’t say I blame him since he wurked his ass off during the concert. He started hanging out on the top with the band. Meanwhile Taeyang was still running around in the mosh pit topless. Lucky fans.

Seungri and Daesung were so adorable. Daseung with his adorable smiley face. He has a great voice. Especially live. Seungri was hilarious xD Pulling his maknae rank at times with his adorable Engrish. I was impressed that they mostly spoke in Engrish with us. I couldn’t understand some of what they said at times. But I appreciated it nonetheless. Daesung and Taeyang, especially Taeyang looked so tiny standing next to the giant that is TOP.
Security at the BIG BANG concert was a bitch tho. Just like SMTownLA. They instructed a really lame no camera policy. Security was patrolling the aisles like crazy. I saw at least three different people get asked to leave and delete everything they had recorded on their cameras. It was ridiculous. People behind me and in front of me got asked to stop taking pictures.
Lucky for me, I didn’t get caught, I was able to take a few this time. My picture quality was shitty because I was afraid I’d get caught by security. Here’s my blurry picture of TOP on the concert screen with the rest of the boys. I wish I hadn’t heeded security last time for SMTownLA. It’s such a shame I didn’t take pic, since last time, I had such a clear view of flawless Donghae :(

BIG BANG was also really sweet in asking us to cheer for the East Coast and all the people affected by Hurricane Sandy. They’re very aware that they will be performing in New Jersey next week and I thought that was a classy gesture. I’m glad they decided to go on as scheduled. Way to go, Big Bang!

For their first world wide tour and 2nd concert in LA, I have to say Big Bang was pretty great. Wish they had a longer set list. In comparison to the Super Shows, the scale of Big Bang’s concert was a lot smaller. They had some pyrotechnics, fireworks, steam blowers, streamers, backup dancers, and for a brief moment during Daesung’s solo, aerial harness, but for the most part their set list was super short. Like I said, they had a 45 minute encore repeating the same songs they had performed beforehand.

I also have a new found appreciation for Suju’s VCRs. During their costume changes, Big Bang’s VCR moments in between songs was lol-worthy. It was all CGI rendered videos, with a strange CGI dragon appearing in one of them. I didn’t get it xD It was weird and really out of place, imo. They’d been better filming a VCR of the boys just sitting or standing moodily. But I have a feeling if they embark on a 2nd world tour with new material, their next concert is going to be bigger and better than ever. It better! Since Big Bang promised they be back soon to California.

Yah! SUJU, are you paying attention? Super Show 5 better be in LA next year!
AND FREAKING HAVE A MERCHANDISE BOOTH READY. Big Bang (sponsored by Samsung Galaxy S3) had so many merchandise booths and really cool merchandise for fans to buy like two versions of a light stick ($30 crown flash light, and $20 Big Bang flash light), tees, backpack, $100 VIP packs. WHY DIDN’T WE HAVE THIS FOR SMTOWNLA?!