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End World Hunger

I love the concept of this website, FreeRice, which is contributing to help end world hunger.

All we have to do is play a word game and for every word we get right, the website will donate 20 grains of rice to the United Nations. While that's not much, if we can spread the word and play the game as many times as possible, you'll soon be able to donate a bowl of rice or more!

I think it's ingenious, so take a stab at it, I promise it's really addictive. Plus, we finally can put to some good use all those SAT words we memorized back in high school.
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Flames of War - Mononoke Hime

Wol Ryung Fever! I've got it bad! #HotDaddyGumiho

I've come down with a bad case of Choi Jin Hyuk-itis and Wol Ryung fever recently.
Can you blame me tho? It's all no thanks to Gu Family Book. Honestly, if you're going to watch Gu Family Book, watch the first two episodes, fall in love with Wol Ryung AND Choi Jin Hyuk, gnash your teeth at Seo Hwa, then proceed to episodes 13 to 22 and skip around for all of Wol Ryung's parts. Trust me, he's worth it.


Otherwise, Gu Family Book is a melodramatic overrated crapfest full of convulted storylines and mediocre acting from Lee Seung Gi and Suzy (honestly, idg the hype for them, both were so middling in this drama), especially since they have NO chemistry with each other.

But I digress, the saving grace to Gu Family Book is the character, Wol Ryung.

Ironically, Choi Jin Hyuk was only supposed to be in the drama for the first two episodes. But he knocked it out of the park with his acting as Wol Ryung. The impression he left on viewers, it's no wonder viewers were demanding for his presence back on the show. And when he did make a return to Gu family Book as Dark Wol Ryung. WOOF. Sexy Daddy Gumiho. If you watch the drama on Viki, it's hilarious how the timed Viki comments be flippin out every time he appears on screen.


I'm super happy for Choi Jin Hyuk that he's finally getting his due and that his career has skyrocketed after his initial guest appearances on Gu Family Book. I've been following his career loosely, ever since I saw him acting as the lead in It's Okay Daddy's Girl with Super Junior's Donghae. I admit at that time I was watching the drama more for Donghae than anything, but I was impressed with Choi Jin Hyuk and loved that he had built a camaraderie with Donghae both onscreen and off screen.

So imagine my happiness when the two were reunited in Panda and Hedgehog, and then disappointed that the drama was another convulted mess of storytelling, with its only save grace being the bromance between Donghae's Seung Gi and Choi Jin Hyuk's Won Il, but in all honesty, that drama did no favors to Choi Jin Hyuk (except make me think he was a really good actor).


It's incredible how one role can change and define a person's career. For some it occurs early in a career and for some it occurs late in a career. I'm still waiting for that career-defining role for Donghae's acting career. But I'm damn glad Choi Jin Hyuk finally got the attention he deserved. Even though he's been acting for seven years prior to Gu Family Book, he's still got it better than a lot of still-struggling k-drama actors.

When I was watching It's Okay Daddy's Girl, I was wondering why both he and Donghae weren't getting recognized for their acting and good looks. I always wondered why no one (aside from a few in the k-drama communities) was noticing this helluva fine looking dude with a killer sexy voice, decent acting chops and droolworthy body.


Anyways, this is all coming a year too late, but it's still something that needs to be said. I remember a year ago when I had heard about Wol Ryung fever and Choi Jin Hyuk's sudden overnight fame due to Gu Family Book. I was really happy for him, especially the overwhelmingly positive response he was receiving from the Korean netizens and the online k-drama communities (some who, like me, were already acquainted with his previous works or fans of his), while many others became new fans of his. Other than for a few pressed Lee Seung Gi fans who couldn't handle how Choi Jin Hyuk stealing every scene he appeared in (though to Lee Seungi Gi's credit, he was very gracious to the positive response Choi Jin Hyuk received).


It was incredible how his presence clearly upstaged so many of the actors and scenes in the drama. The audience wanted, nay, demanded for his return and the writers wisely accepted and brought not only the character back, but Choi Jin Hyuk. They easily could have re-casted him and found someone else to play Dark Wol Ryung, but let's be honest, no one else could have played Wol Ryung so flawlessly.


Any thoughts of casting someone else to play Wol Ryung is blasphemous (as evident from the response to this poll) and only Choi Jin Hyuk could play Wol Ryung. HE IS WOL RYUNG. He was equal parts masculine, mystical beast and innocence, something that many men in k-dramas can't carry off due to their lack of height, physical build, looks, and acting.


The character was flawlessly awesome, badass, and genuine. Even when he lied, he did so with the purest of intentions. He was a Gumiho, a divine creature, who protected Mount Jiri for 1000 years. He never wanted to hurt anybody, he only wished to protect the woman he loved and become human. He was willing to give up immortality for love and he never imagine his love would betray him. I'll never forget the hurt in his eyes when she betrays him, kudos to the directors and to Choi Jin Hyuk, for that incredible scene.

The moment when he asks her why she betrayed him when all he did was love her, it's incredibly well-acted and shot and it's because of that scene that got him his role in Heirs as Kim Won and put him on the kdrama map (and yes, he was epicly wasted on Heirs). His chemistry with Lee Yeon Hee was great, I hope they'll reunite again in another drama as the leading couple sometime in the future, probably after he enlists. One can hope.

Join in the Wol Ryung fever. See why the dramabeans editor chose him as the character most deserving of his own drama as well as why they made hims the clear runaway winner for the 2013 Beanie Award's "Most Glorious Mane of Glory" with his "One mane to rule them all."

Again, if you do decide to watch Gu Family Book for Choi Jin Hyuk's Wol Ryung, I highly recommend watching it on Viki with the timed comments. The comments are hilarious, especially when they go into fangirling mode over how perfect Wol Ryung is and how hot Dark!Wol Ryung is. The comments literally EXPLODE and overload with hyperventilating fangirling, Every time Wol Ryung appears. Especially in the later episodes from 13 to 22 when he appears as Dark! Wol Ryung.
Donghae Lee - Super Junior M

Ender's Game

I'm so glad I decided to take Alex and watch Ender's Game in theaters.

While the movie adaptation of the novel I read in high school way back when in 2001 condensed a lot of what happened in battle school and glossed over the friendship between Ender and Bean, I was impressed with how the movie retained the essence of the book. Probably the most enjoyable part of the movie was seeing their interpretation of Battle School. Given how advanced technology is today, at least compared to 2001, the special effects were better than I imagined. I sincerely can't wait to get the movie on DVD.

A huge round of applause should be given to the casting. The casting of Asa Butterfield as Andrew 'Ender' Wiggin, the titular 'hero,' is perfection. He played Ender's conflicting emotions, vulnerabilities and viciousness with a sincere conviction beyond someone his age should be able to portray. He truly is talented young man and I hope he continues acting because his future and career are bright.

My favorite scenes involved him commanding his jeesh or confronting his enemies, including even Graff. Some of the best scenes in the movie was solely just Asa's Ender going head to head with Harrison Ford's Colonel Graff. Speaking of, Harrison Ford is perfect as Colonel Graff, I think if the movie had been a success and a potential sequel was in the making, he'd have the necessary gruff kindness to play Bean's confidante. And while the gender change in Anderson threw me for a second, I love Viola Davis, she's just a fantastic actress and her Anderson is a great reminder that these soldiers in Battle school are in fact kids, who have to return to "normal" life after the war. And another brilliant nugget of casting was Nonso Anozie as Sergeant Dap. I couldn't help shout out "Game of Thrones!" whenever he appeared on screen.

I remember back then, the book was always stuck in perpetual rumors of being in pre-production or casting, with names like Haley Joel Osment being thrown around as possible candidates to play Ender. 12 years later, I think the movie was made and released in the right time with the right cast, just the circumstances around the book being 28 years old and Orson Scott Card's personal statements, mired the movie's potential success. If it weren't for the boycotting, the movie could have done better, and maybe the marketing could have pushed a near 30 year old book better, but it's truly a pity most high schoolers aren't required to read this book anymore and most kids these days don’t know much about the series.

However, the movie's release did pique and revive my dormant interest in the books. I immediately purchased the Shadow Quartet and Ender Quartet. I remember after I had read Ender's Game in freshman year, I went to my high school's library and devoured Ender's Shadow and then later, Shadow of the Hegemon, Shadow Puppets, and I tried to read Speaker for the Dead, but couldn't finish or truly start because I couldn't relate to any of the characters, aside from Ender.

But I adored Bean's Shadow series. There's something about Bean, how selfless he is, and how he's okay to remain in the shadows, be it of Ender of Peter Wiggin, he's fiercely loyal to his friends. Most of all, what I loved about Bean's Shadow Series is that we learned what happened to the other Battle School children. I love that Bean, who grew up as an orphan, ended up with Petra and how both of them, the two closest confidante and friends to Ender, became literally a part of his family. It's probably why I can bring myself to read Shadows in Flight yet. I know I will be a weepy terrible mess when I read Bean's death.

He's such an amazing character, equal to Ender in so many ways, which is why when I got my hands on Ender in Exile, I couldn't help but settle into a puddle of weepy feels. The parts where Ender acknowledges how fiercely loyal and devoted Bean was to him and how even though Bean was a better strategist, they both relied on each other in the war. Tugged at my weepy heartstrings. What truly made me a mess was when Ender gets to see Bean (and Petra) again, through Bean's son. Messed me up, because Ender being sent away after the war was one of the biggest emotional blows in Ender's Game. Not the genocide of the Formics, but the fact that he can't ever return to earth to see his family or friends ever again. It's heartbreaking when you realize that he too is also a casualty of war, even though he's the hero, and that it was also necessary for his brother to suggest his exile in order to save him.

Which was why it was such a pity that Bean wasn't more significant in the movie adaptation. I had read that Orson Scott Card’s initial drafts to the movie adaptation of Ender’s Game were to have it centered more on Ender and Bean’s friendship. THIS WOULD HAVE BEEN THE RIGHT DIRECTION. But the director preferred pushing Ender and Petra’s friendship, which is fine, but it killed any potential opportunity for a true Shadows sequel, which in my opinion would have made better movies. Plus, Bean gets Petra in the end. Has nine children with her and he is the love of her life.

Part of the problem I had with the other books in Ender's series after Ender's Game is that Ender's story was interesting because not only of the war he ends, but the people IN the book he meets. The afore mentioned Bean and Petra, Alai, Dink, Shen, Graff, etc. These were his friends and allies that don't appear in the sequels (aside from Ender in Exile - written AFTER Bean's Shadow sequels), so why would anyone care about them?

The truth is, restoring the Formics' world is admirable of Ender, especially how Ender's guilt consumed him, but reading about it? Not as interesting. Learning about battle school and how Ender dealt with the pressures of the school, his actions in defending himself, and the war was interesting. But basing a franchise around his travels in space with the Formics, just isn't appealing.

I think this is why Ender's Shadow would have made a better "franchise" starter. You start it with Ender's Game, introducing both Ender and Bean, blending both Ender's Game and Ender's Shadow. Then continue on to the beginning of Ender in Exile, then Shadow of the Hegemon, Shadow Puppets, Shadow of the Giant, and then back to Ender in Exile and end it with Ender's travels in space.
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Heralding 2013

Apparently, my closet is trying to tell me something.
I was rudely awoken from my sleep-deprived awoken state
By the sound of a loud crack in my closet.

Methinks it's time to get a larger closet.
It's not that I have too many clothes, it's just that my closet is too tiny.
Clearly, it's the closet's problem.
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Big Bang Alive Concert!

WHOOO! I am back from the BIG BANG ALIVE CONCERT!!!

2 hour concert of nearly non-stop Big Bang music with an additional 45 min encore :D Concert started at a bit after 8pm and ended a little before 10:45pm, It was $230+ worth of money well spent. My seats were amazing. Even better than for SMTownLA’s which were already really good, not paying for VIP prices. Still side-eyeing the difficulty of purchasing tickets.
Onward to the concert! I have to admit, I’m not a Big Bang fan, but I’ve heard some of their songs before and know who they are in kpop to like them. I went with friends who were. But I enjoyed the concert. I’m glad I went. I enjoyed the concert-going experience. Plus the boys were really great with the fans, despite the language barrier.

TOP, why are you so adorkable?! TOP is such an awkward dancer. I love it. Let’s just say he is the complete opposite of Donghae when it comes to dancing xD

AND TOP YOU ARE SUCH A TEASE. A MASTER OF TEASE. LIKE MY BABY HAE. Seungri picked up candy (I think it was yang geng? could be wrong) that was thrown up by fans (btw, fans were throwing up plushies for the boys it was awesome - Seungri had a bunch of pandas thrown at him), gave it to TOP, who proceeded to unwrap the candy and take a bit out of it. TOP then proceeded to go to a side of the stage eating that candy in front of the fans, threw some into the crowd. TOP offered the last piece of candy to the fans, so fans stretched their hands out for it. He then popped it into his mouth. U TROLL!

There were a crap load of TOP signs in the crowd, a couple G Gragon signs sprinkled in, but mostly it was all TOP signs (some for his b-day). He definitely was the crowd favorite. So TOP went to sit at the end with the fans that were holding out the TOP signs. TOP then took a fan towel, wiped his face with it, and gave it back to the fan. Seriously, I can’t with this namja.

The boys sang Happy Brithday to TOP with the crowd. Wheeled out a cake for him. It was sweet. TOP did his infamous dork dance that epic and priceless. The man really can not dance. But he is adorkable.

Taeyang was a ball of energy. Especially during the encore. He sorta served as MC with his getto engrish. I don’t think he wanted to leave. He was constantly stripping and showing off his toned body. At the end of the encore, all four of the boys were either sleeveless or topless except TOP (of course) who was fully buttoned and clothed from head to toe.
G Dragon definitely looked ready to leave by the end of the encore, he looked pooped. Can’t say I blame him since he wurked his ass off during the concert. He started hanging out on the top with the band. Meanwhile Taeyang was still running around in the mosh pit topless. Lucky fans.

Seungri and Daesung were so adorable. Daseung with his adorable smiley face. He has a great voice. Especially live. Seungri was hilarious xD Pulling his maknae rank at times with his adorable Engrish. I was impressed that they mostly spoke in Engrish with us. I couldn’t understand some of what they said at times. But I appreciated it nonetheless. Daesung and Taeyang, especially Taeyang looked so tiny standing next to the giant that is TOP.
Security at the BIG BANG concert was a bitch tho. Just like SMTownLA. They instructed a really lame no camera policy. Security was patrolling the aisles like crazy. I saw at least three different people get asked to leave and delete everything they had recorded on their cameras. It was ridiculous. People behind me and in front of me got asked to stop taking pictures.
Lucky for me, I didn’t get caught, I was able to take a few this time. My picture quality was shitty because I was afraid I’d get caught by security. Here’s my blurry picture of TOP on the concert screen with the rest of the boys. I wish I hadn’t heeded security last time for SMTownLA. It’s such a shame I didn’t take pic, since last time, I had such a clear view of flawless Donghae :(

BIG BANG was also really sweet in asking us to cheer for the East Coast and all the people affected by Hurricane Sandy. They’re very aware that they will be performing in New Jersey next week and I thought that was a classy gesture. I’m glad they decided to go on as scheduled. Way to go, Big Bang!

For their first world wide tour and 2nd concert in LA, I have to say Big Bang was pretty great. Wish they had a longer set list. In comparison to the Super Shows, the scale of Big Bang’s concert was a lot smaller. They had some pyrotechnics, fireworks, steam blowers, streamers, backup dancers, and for a brief moment during Daesung’s solo, aerial harness, but for the most part their set list was super short. Like I said, they had a 45 minute encore repeating the same songs they had performed beforehand.

I also have a new found appreciation for Suju’s VCRs. During their costume changes, Big Bang’s VCR moments in between songs was lol-worthy. It was all CGI rendered videos, with a strange CGI dragon appearing in one of them. I didn’t get it xD It was weird and really out of place, imo. They’d been better filming a VCR of the boys just sitting or standing moodily. But I have a feeling if they embark on a 2nd world tour with new material, their next concert is going to be bigger and better than ever. It better! Since Big Bang promised they be back soon to California.

Yah! SUJU, are you paying attention? Super Show 5 better be in LA next year!
AND FREAKING HAVE A MERCHANDISE BOOTH READY. Big Bang (sponsored by Samsung Galaxy S3) had so many merchandise booths and really cool merchandise for fans to buy like two versions of a light stick ($30 crown flash light, and $20 Big Bang flash light), tees, backpack, $100 VIP packs. WHY DIDN’T WE HAVE THIS FOR SMTOWNLA?!
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A Friendly Warning

WARNING: This is what happens when you watch MISS PANDA AND HEDGEHOG.

You get inexplicable feels for macarons, cakes, cupcakes, dessert, sweet things in general. You feel like nomming all the time and devouring everything in sight. Especially if it's full of sugar. BUT that's not the worst of it. Oh no. You will crave and get extremely inexplicable feels for the flawless namja that is Lee Donghae. Be prepared. You have been warned. Watch at your own discretion 

I started craving macarons during that macaron arc from like episodes 5 to 8. 

^This was literally my face whenever the macarons showed up. Okay, as well as whenever Donghae showed up. What? I liked what I saw.

So, I finally caved into most of my Donghae feels.

Went out with Mabel and nommed on Pizza & Chicken Love Letter's Sweet Potato Gold Crust. I'm thinking of getting their bulgogi pizza next time. Splurged on a crapload of baked goods from Paris Baguette including their royal pudding, sweet potato pastries, and macarons. Wandered over to a record store selling c-pop, j-pop and k-pop. Finally, pampered ourselves with some facial masks.

But yes, I finally caved into my Donghae feels. I've been resisting for some time to purchase any merchandise, aside from the gorgeous Skip Beat photobook my brother treated me for my birthday, I really don't have any Suju or Donghae merchandise. Trying to exert some self-control because I don't want it to become a snowball effect.

At any rate, I don't regret my purchases. I mostly purchased the macarons due to Donghae's drama. Watching Panda and Hedgehog has made me crave desserts like crazy. I've been on a ridiculously sweet tooth binge. And the fact that I haven't tried macarons before, made me even want to try it even more. So I caved and purchased a tray from Paris Baguette. Bloody expensive. 12 for $15, are you kidding?! Hence the warning. But they really are delish.

Then at the record store, I caved into my pervy fangirl feels and splurged on the new Super Junior album, Sexy Free & Single *snickers*(sorry the title still is lol-inducing for me), Version B. I was tempted to get Version A and SPY Version C, but like I said, snowball. So I chose the one I really wanted the most and that was half-nekkid Suju. But really, I got it for the half-nekkid Donghae.
Yes, exactly for that reason you see in the picture. I have no shame. I like what I see. Why there’s only four half-nekkid pics is beyond me. But it’s so pretty, I can’t. Don’t even get me started on that destroyer and harbinger of feels and ovaries that is Lee Donghae. His body has transformed in the past five years from a boy's to a man's. It's beautiful. I love that he has just the right amount of muscle definition. 

^ Yep, this is the dork I stan. He's flawless, gorgeous, beautiful, adorable and sexy isn't he?  Slayer of ovaries I tell you, slayer. 
Donghae Lee - Super Junior M

Panda and Hedgehog: Questions that Need Answers

Before Episode 7 of Donghae's Miss Panda and Hedgehog airs tonight, there are some issues I'd like to address. So we're six episodes in (yes, I am behind on the recaps), nearly more than a third of the drama has aired, what's the verdict?

For the most part, I like the drama. It's good enough for me to want to tune in each week. But at the same time, six episodes in, there are still many unanswered questions. I feel that if many of these questions aren't addressed soon within the next few episodes, I'll be really irritated. This is a romantic comedy, not a mystery. I don't understand the writer's penchant for making the unneccesary more mysterious than it needs to be. Yes, I'm side-eying It's Okay, Daddy's Girl as my point of reference here.

First, let me list the positives:
  1. Donghae. Yes, he is complete eyecandy, but it's clear that he has a lot of screen presence. In Skip Beat, he commanded the screen, despite his limited screen time. I thought that might have been a fluke considering he was playing such a colorful character (literally), but in Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog, his acting is continually improving with each episode and what's more important is that he's able to let go of his idol image and he's not afraid to mess up his face and portray his character the way the script asks (see: his Drunk scenes).

    I do hope though, in the next drama he is in, he chooses a more meatier role, something that'll let him really sink his teeth in. He has the potential to have more dramatic lead roles, he just needs more experience so that he can expand and hone his skills. He already has the leading man presence, now he just needs to hone his craft. I would like to see him in a role that shows him tormented in agony or anguish. I like that he gets to act around veterans like Park Keun Hyung, who will give him tips. Knowing Donghae, he'll retain their advice gratefully and apply it.

  2. THE CAKES! OMG THE CAKES! If you are on a diet, this drama is torture. If you're not on a diet, this drama is torture because you still want to nom your way through the screen. Either way, the desserts, cakes and pastries featured so fare have been f00d porn. I can't get enough. Macarons, cupcakes, it's a feast for the eyes.
  4. The cool characters aside from the main leads: Seungji's grandpa, Seungji's friends, Won Il's sister, Won Il's friend, Panda's sister & Panda's aunt. These are the cool kids. I love them.

And now the negatives:
  1. Panda's character development. I really like Panda. I think she's cute, kind and funny, but six episodes in, I'm starting to change my tune. I still think she's inherently a kind person and I'm hoping she'll redeem herself, but she's also a whole lot of stupid. The summary says she's as sweet as her name suggests, but at times, she's more pricklier than the hedgehog, Seung Ji. I understand why Donghae said that out of all the characters in the drama, Seung Ji is actually the most selfless, warmhearted and compassionate character.

    Panda is hopelessly naive and dumb. Her younger sister has more sense than she does. I should have known she was an idiot when she kept that crappy Patissier around as long as she did. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and credited her for being a kind person since girlfriend knew he handed her a fake patissier license. Unfortunately, I also think she must have lost some brain cells when she grew up because her younger self seems to be a lot smarter.

    I don't understand how men are attracted to women like this and I don't understand how women like Panda are good role models for girls. She cannot seem to function on her own. Her shameless need to rely on others and depend on others is alarming. I remember side-eying her when she asked Won Il to give her a easier job. She even blatantly tells him she can't do anything very well. Great interviewing skills, Panda. You're lucky you happen to know Won Il and he wants to get jiggy with you.

    And who hops out of their car to ask a stranger to drive for them? That's like asking someone to steal your car without even trying. I would like to see Panda be more independent. At this point, she's been useless and I really would like to see her become more independent and say something intelligent once in a while. Because I really don't want to dislike her character if I'm going to be watching 16 episodes.

  2. THE CAKES! WHY AREN'T THERE MOAR?! I WANT MOAR FOOD P0RN! I want to see Seungji bake extravagant cakes, five tiered high that'll make me salivate and drool and want to attack the screen with a fork. Fuck this cutesy macaron shit. GIMME A TIERED CAKE WITH A MINDBLOWING DESIGN. AND PIE. AND PUDDING. AND ANYTHING THAT'LL GIVE ME A SUGAR COMA. MOAR MOAR MOAR. LIKE WILLY WONKA STYLE.  

  3. Pacing. I'd like a lot of the questions that arose in episode one to be answered by now. I'd also like them to focus more on the baking aspects rather than the love story. It's taken Won Il two episodes to "attempt" to tell Seungji that his stepdad is ripping off Seungji's macaron designs. WTF. Please man up in episode 7 and tell Seungji what your creepy stepdad has done. Thanks.

Questions that need Answers

  1. The question that everyone is desperate to know the answer to. Why does Seung Ji mumble that bug speech of his? There are theories out there, including its tie with Panda's bug song in episode one. We know that he says this to help himself concentrate. But official confirmation on this would be nice sooner rather than later.

  2. 1, 2, 3, Go! This will probably never be answered considering it seems like just one of those catchphrases characters say without explanation or reason. Just a "cute" defining quirk to the character. But I suppose it's a play off his name Go Seung Ji. He even managed to wrangle his nickname: goseum dochi (hedgehog) out of it. He sure is a creative one that Go Seung Ji.

  3. Why did Seung Ji go to jail? It probably doesn't add to the story, but this is a backstory that is interesting. What exactly did Seung Ji do to make him serve time? Steal? And when will the Panda crew find out? What will their reactions be?

  4. How did Seung Ji lose his memory?

  5. How did Seung Ji meet his grandfather? We only know that Seung Ji learned to make cakes from his grandfather and that his grandfather stopped him from burning down Saint Honore. It was hinted slightly that Seung Ji might have learned to bake cakes from his grandfather in jail. My guess is that the grandfather would visit his daughter in jail and would also teach recreational cooking lessons in jail. And that's how they met. Again, a backstory on their meeting would be nice.

  6. What exactly did the grandfather do to his daughter that was unforgivable? It's been hinted at it probably has something to do with the reason why she was in jail. I also have a theory the grandfather might have forced her into a relationship or marriage with Seungji's father who she didn't love? And possibly her lost son ...

  7. Did Seung Ji's father abandon him to hook up with Choi Won Il's mother?

  8. If Won Yi is Won Il's half sister and our theories about Seungji's dad being Won Il's stepfather are correct, then that means Won Yi is Seungji's half sister too. HOLY MIND FUCK. PLEASE CONFIRM, DRAMA, NAO. DIS SHIT IS HITTING DYNASTY LEVELS.

  9. Why can't Won Il eat cake? I have a theory that maybe because Saint Honore's cakes are filled with chemicals, preservatives and additives, he's trying to prevent his taste buds and morals from being corrupted? That more maybe he's afraid the cakes sent to him are poisoned? 'SPLAINPLZ

Well, here's to episode 7 and 8 this weekend! HOLY SNAP we'll be halfway through this drama by Sunday. I don't want it to end yet!
Donghae Lee - Super Junior M

Summary: Panda and Hedgehog Episode One & Two

I haven't watched enough Korean dramas to know the ins and outs of k-dramas, but two episodes in, I'm finding Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog very enjoyable to watch. I used to avoid watching k-dramas like the plague because back in like 2002, depressing as shit k-dramas were the rage and I tend to dislike watching anything melodramatic where everybody dies in it. Thankfully, I don't think this drama's going to be anything like that. In fact, I think it's going to be the complete opposite: fluffy, cute, adorable and sweet. YESH! Exactly what I need right now. I will get my soap opera on when fall arrives in the form of Revenge. For now, Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog is the perfect way to cap off summer.

Like I said last time, the scriptwriter for Miss Panda and Hedgehog is the same scriptwriter for It's Okay, Daddy's Girl, and there are already certain similarities. Like the scriptwriter's penchant for introducing a shit load of characters in the first episode. The plot so far seems simple in comparison, but we're only two episodes in. I'm waiting in trepidation for le shit to hit the fan. And for some reason half the cast was transplanted from It's Okay, Daddy's Girl to Miss Panda and Hedgehog. Not that I mind, since I liked most of the actors that were transplanted over. It's just amusing me. I feel like I'm watching a happier and fluffier version of It's Okay, Daddy's Girl, but instead, it is It's Okay, Grandpa's Boy instead.

Episode One.
I'm already confused by the opening sequence with a flashback of what I think is our two main characters meeting as children. Panda is singing a bug song and the little boy is drawing cakes. Shift to present time, we are treated to Donghae yelling and chasing after a debtor. I approve. Yelling and running Donghae is hot. Btw, we get three of these chase sequences in this episode. HOT. In two of the three chase scenes, he's interrupted by a giant stuffed Panda, carried by none other than our female lead. This leads him to suspect our female lead is in cahoots with the debtor.

Drat dat pesky PandaAlways getting in the way
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Episode Two.
Picking up right where we left episode one, Seungji has Panda in his arm, while an envious and confused Choi Won Il watches on. Seungji leans in forward to Panda who proceeds to close her eyes and he asks her why she's closing his eyes when he's having a hard time hoisting her. She chuckles embarrassedly and they straighten, while Won Il drives off in jealousy and confusion. And I love it. Ah, the sweet distinct aroma of a love triangle brewing.

Going for the kiss!Not. Just Trolling. LMAO.
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Donghae Lee - Super Junior M

First Thoughts

Saturday was finally the premiere of Donghae's new drama, Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog. Unfortunately for me, the episode airs at 7:30pm Korean standard time, which means I have to stay awake until 3:30am pacific standard time to watch the live stream of it. Saturday was fine, the excitement of finally seeing the drama made me forget how tired was and I watched it to the end at 4:30am. But that was a mistake also because I spend the next hour or so spazzing over what the heck I had just watched. The cruelty of watching a drama without subtitles and not understanding a single thing except for a few words is agonizing. Still, just to finally see the drama and have a visual confirmation of what the drama's tone, production value, plot and characters would be was worth it.

Then Sunday approached and I crashed. I had to get up Sunday to meet an elderly couple I had befriended when I was in college who were visiting me from Texas. I completely forgot episode two was also airing Sunday. So after seeing them, I spent Sunday night marathoning the english subs of both episodes. Let me just say, those subbers are insane and amazing. Within a day of the episode airing they've already got it subbed. I am seriously grateful to all the subbers at viki for their hardwork. This time, it won't be like Skip Beat / Extravagant Challenge where I could afford to watch the raws and understand what was going on without subs. With subs truly makes a world of difference. Without subs, I thought I was watching crack.

Before I jump into my opinions of each episode, I wonder if this means they'll be release two episodes a weekend or if this two episode weekend special was for the premiere only. It makes more sense to release two episodes for the weekend premiere and then subsequently one episode a week after that since there's only going to be about 16 episodes. Apparently, it's too episodes a week, yay! Either way, it's good to see Donghae acting and hear him sing for the OST again.

Speaking of the OST, I'm loving that Donghae's singing the ending theme song, "Plz Don't," but I have to be honest, I'm a smidge disappointed he didn't have a hand in writing or composing the song. It's understandable why he didn't with preparations for 6jib and filming the drama, but we've been spoiled by his amazing collaboration with Chance for "This is Love." After all this time, I can't believe that song is still my jam. I think it's my favorite Donghae co-composed song thus far. For the record, I'm side-eying the spelling, but I'm loving "Plz Don't." Aside from "Daydream" and "Haru," I'm loving it more than any of the filler ballad songs in Super Junior's current album.