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when the sun shines again [userpic]

A Friendly Warning

September 23rd, 2012 (12:58 am)

feeling: amused
listening to: "Lights" by Ellie Goulding

WARNING: This is what happens when you watch MISS PANDA AND HEDGEHOG.

You get inexplicable feels for macarons, cakes, cupcakes, dessert, sweet things in general. You feel like nomming all the time and devouring everything in sight. Especially if it's full of sugar. BUT that's not the worst of it. Oh no. You will crave and get extremely inexplicable feels for the flawless namja that is Lee Donghae. Be prepared. You have been warned. Watch at your own discretion 

I started craving macarons during that macaron arc from like episodes 5 to 8. 

^This was literally my face whenever the macarons showed up. Okay, as well as whenever Donghae showed up. What? I liked what I saw.

So, I finally caved into most of my Donghae feels.

Went out with Mabel and nommed on Pizza & Chicken Love Letter's Sweet Potato Gold Crust. I'm thinking of getting their bulgogi pizza next time. Splurged on a crapload of baked goods from Paris Baguette including their royal pudding, sweet potato pastries, and macarons. Wandered over to a record store selling c-pop, j-pop and k-pop. Finally, pampered ourselves with some facial masks.

But yes, I finally caved into my Donghae feels. I've been resisting for some time to purchase any merchandise, aside from the gorgeous Skip Beat photobook my brother treated me for my birthday, I really don't have any Suju or Donghae merchandise. Trying to exert some self-control because I don't want it to become a snowball effect.

At any rate, I don't regret my purchases. I mostly purchased the macarons due to Donghae's drama. Watching Panda and Hedgehog has made me crave desserts like crazy. I've been on a ridiculously sweet tooth binge. And the fact that I haven't tried macarons before, made me even want to try it even more. So I caved and purchased a tray from Paris Baguette. Bloody expensive. 12 for $15, are you kidding?! Hence the warning. But they really are delish.

Then at the record store, I caved into my pervy fangirl feels and splurged on the new Super Junior album, Sexy Free & Single *snickers*(sorry the title still is lol-inducing for me), Version B. I was tempted to get Version A and SPY Version C, but like I said, snowball. So I chose the one I really wanted the most and that was half-nekkid Suju. But really, I got it for the half-nekkid Donghae.
Yes, exactly for that reason you see in the picture. I have no shame. I like what I see. Why there’s only four half-nekkid pics is beyond me. But it’s so pretty, I can’t. Don’t even get me started on that destroyer and harbinger of feels and ovaries that is Lee Donghae. His body has transformed in the past five years from a boy's to a man's. It's beautiful. I love that he has just the right amount of muscle definition. 

^ Yep, this is the dork I stan. He's flawless, gorgeous, beautiful, adorable and sexy isn't he?  Slayer of ovaries I tell you, slayer.