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when the sun shines again [userpic]

2nd Seigaku Cast from the Prince of Tennis Musicals Love <333

June 24th, 2006 (03:58 pm)

feeling: 2nd Seigaku Tenimyu Cast Love
listening to: "Aoku Moreu Honou" from Dream Live 2

Yah! It's a cast appreciation entry, as my favorite Seigaku cast has graduated from the Prince of Tennis musicals, and it has left me EXTREMELY sad. They appeared in Side Yamabuki, Dream Live 2, Imperial March, Winter Hyotei and Draem Live 3rd. They were the first cast I saw in action, so I guess that's why I absolutely love the 2nd Generation cast and why I'm going to miss them, but it'll be ok, because I can rewatch all the musicals and Dream Lives they were in :D Plus they look like their characters and act like them very well too. And although they've graduated, they shall live immortally through the Prince of Tennis live action movie! Bwahahahaha, I have so much love for the 2nd Seigaku cast, so without further ado, I shall begin my long entry dedicated just for them, (the order is by billing):

Kotaroh Yanagi (Ryoma Echizen)
I love Yanagi, he's awesome, because he's the first Ryoma the Prince of Tennis musicals ever had, but due to the car accident that damaged his vocal chords and hospitalized him with a coma, he couldn't perform in the musicals after his first performance until later on with the 2nd Seigaku cast. He's cute as Echizen and well, I think it's admirable that he's still performing after the trauma he went through. He's a good example of dedication and perserverance, I want to give him a big bear hug :D

Yuu Shirota (Kunimitsu Tezuka)
Well, I've already ranted like more than 3 entries on my hot Shirota, what's more to say? He's the perfect Tezuka the musicals ever had, his singing is impeccable, his acting is great, and he's just so nice to look at. Everytime I see him as Tezuka or hear him sing, I turn into jello and I start wibbling, cuz he's just that good. And it doesn't hurt that whenever they have him play tennis they focus on his butt a lot xD He looks so good in glasses and he's TALL, which is just so hot. His voice is beautiful, he really does belong in musicals. He's the best singer in the entire Tenimyu cast and my favorite Tenimyu actor.

Hiroki Suzuki (Shuichiro Oishi)
Suzuki does a good job acting-wise as Oishi, he really brings out that motherly side of Oishi. His singing is, well, to be honest, isn't the best, I think he was meant to be just an actor, but it's ok, cuz I think it's cute whenever he and Adachi sing together as the Golden Pair. I think it must have been quite hard for him because he had such big shoes to fill, especially as Tutti was the original Oishi before him; however, I think he really made Oishi's character his own. Poor Suzuki's the only one that I thought didn't resemble his character too much, but then again, not many people have hair fangs as bangs or caps as hair xD But yeah, Suzuki's a dorkable, I'll miss him as Oishi. I think he would have a lot of fun cross-dressing as Shunko >__________< in the chibi Tenipuri family episodes.

Hiroki Aiba (Syusuke Fuji)
OMG, Aiba is the prettiest dancing fairy I've ever laid eyes on. I love him as Fuji, he's just so pretty, a lot like Fuji really. I thought he was better than Kimeru as Fuji, just cuz he resembled Fuji a lot better than Kimeru did. Kimeru always looked so short and stocky as Fuji which annoyed me because Fuji was lithe, which pretty Aiba is. Also, Kimeru, well no offense to Kimeru fans, can sing, he's just not good looking and well, Fuji is and so is Aiba, hence why I like Aiba better, plus Aiba's an awesome breakdancer and in a musical, you gotta know how to dance. I liked Aiba's acting too, he got that whole cold sadistic Fuji down, especially during Dream Live 2 and the Winter Hyotei performances. Plus his singing's dainty lol a lot like Fuji's voice actress and well, he sounds so good whenever he does a duet with Shirota. So yes, much love to Aiba, my pretty dancing Fuji! I'm glad he's still staying on as Fuji in the musicals. He's the only 2nd generation Seigaku cast who didn't graduate.

Osamu Adachi (Kikumaru Eiji)
Adachi is adorable as Eiji, he's not as springy as Eiji, but he's cute nonetheless. It was fun watching him and Suzuki be the Golden Pair. But yeah, Adachi presented the child side of Eiji really well. I think he resembled Eiji the best too. His singing was alright, but I think he, like Suzuku were meant for just acting xD Still, I loved him as Eiji, cuz he was just so adorable.

Hirofumi Araki (Sadaharu Inui)
Ahhh, I'll miss Araki as Inui, although Araki doesn't look like Inui, nor is he as tall as Inui xD but he did such a great job as Inui, it was so obvious he was digging the whole Inui persona. He had a nice voice too and sounded exactly like Inui, which was really scary. I think, of the entire 2nd Seigaku cast, he had the 2nd best voice, with Kaji, Kujirai, and Kotani following in a close 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Basically, if any of the others had a duet with Shirota, Araki, Kaji, Kujirai or Kotani, they would sound really nice xD

Yoshikazu Kotani (Kawamura Takashi)
Kotani is good looking and so lovable as Taka-san. His burning mode is great, I always get a kick out of watching Kotani perform as Taka-san. I think he makes the gentle, quiet sweet Taka-san so adorable and the loud, obnoxious screaming Engrish Taka-san so lovable. I'm sad Kotani's graduating, cuz I think he did such a great job as Taka-san :D

Masaki Kaji (Takeshi Momoshiro)
Yup, I've already mentioned how much I love Kaji as Momoshiro. The guy just has so much energy, every time I see him perform as Momo, I just wanna hug him. They couldn't have picked a better actor/singer for my favorite Seigaku regular, Momoshiro Takeshi <333 It's true that Kaji doesn't look too much like Momo, he's prettier, Momo's more masculine, but Kaji's so cute and sports the Momo hair so nicely, that I can't help but love him as Momo. He's the only Seigaku member that has his shirt fly up everytime he moves xD He can sing too, which is awesome, cuz he carries his solo's like "Power Up de Ikuze!" really well and well, it's obvious that he had a great time as Momo in the musicals. I'm going to miss him so much!!!

Kousuke Kujirai (Kaoru Kaidoh)
Despite his excellent performance as Kaidoh, Kujirai's really just a sweet guy with a wonderful disposition, unlike Seigaku's resident Mamushi xD He really does such a great job as a Kaidoh that everytime I see him in without his Kaidoh getup, I'm always in shock, cuz his personality is the complete opposite of Kaidoh's. I love him as Kaidoh, he even sounds like Kaidoh and has a good singing voice too, I'm gonna miss him as Kaidoh T____T

Well, that's it, I've summed up my opinions on the 2nd Seigaku Tenimyu cast, I love them dearly, probably because they're the first Seigaku cast I laid eyes on and most likely I love them so much because of Shirotan, but that's not to say I won't give the 3rd Seigaku cast a chance either. It'll be interesting to see how they will perform their respective roles; however, I'll say this now, no one can do my Tezuka-buchou as well as my Shirotan ;D ok I'm joking, but it's going to be hard for me to watch the new musicals from now on and not expect to see Shirota or hear him sing. I have a feeling Katou Kazuki probably feels the same way ...


Posted by: Kat (star_in_my_soup)
Posted at: June 29th, 2006 08:39 pm (UTC)

EXACTLY. Gah, Aiba and his hips were... incredible, to say the least. xD Actually, I was re-watching the DVD tonight on my big TV, and my dad walked in during the dance-off. And he took one look at Aiba and said, "That guy is very flexible, isn't he?" Lol, this from a straight middle-aged man who thinks all my Japanese stuff is weird. I was like, "Yes. Yes, he is," all the while thinking, "That was the understatement of the century..." At least he didn't say anything about it being sexy! *dies* xDDD

(The Tezuka/Atobe thing was just HOT. I'd say more, but I think it spoke for itself! xD)

Yeah, I keep watching the first half of DL3 over and over, just because it's soooo much fun. I mean, I love the second half too, but it also makes me want to cry... I love seeing the cast being happy and silly, and it's hard to watch them cry when I love them so much. T.T Oh, btw, have you seen the DL3 backstage yet? It's really cute~! ♥ There's a little backstage birthday celebration for Aoyagi (I think that's Gakuto's actor's name!), and Kenken keeps beating everyone at some version of the paper-rock-scissors game. Lol! xDDD

Posted by: when the sun shines again (vforvera)
Posted at: July 5th, 2006 02:52 am (UTC)
Shirota Yuu - Just too hot for words :D

Yeah, I wish they showed more of Aiba shaking those hips cuz I could have sworn he did during "Do Your Best" but they only showed the top part of him T________T

I was watching DL3 really closely and found it really interesting that Shirotan can dance really well, well, not as fluid as Aiba, but he can dance. Like in Winter Hyotei, the boy was doing a backflip during curtain calls xD But, I guess he'd have to know how to dance to be in a musical, neh?

I tried making my dad watching the musicals with me, but he kept going, "what are they saying", and I was like "never mind, go away" ^^

DL3 backstage was hilarious, I wish they would make the backstage clips as long as the musical, cuz I find them very entertaining and just full of fun. Yeah, that rock paper scissors "black white beer" game (at least that's why we call it in chinese). Aiba didn't want to get his forehead flicked xD Poor Kujirai kept losing lol was it Date that finally beat Ken Ken? xD

Yeah, I wonder what the graduated 2nd Seigaku cast members are doing now ... I hrd through speculation that Rokkaku might be Aiba's last tenimyu T________T I hope it's not true, but I think it might, cuz he has another play coming up called, Switch (I think) so I wonder how he's gonna juggle that.

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